Everything You Need To Know About Running A Fitness Business

This week has been all about running a successful fitness business

And as it’s Friday, I’m giving you a quick overview of everything we’ve chatted about this week 🤓

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Let’s dive in 😎

On Monday, Sam Beagle came on and shared exactly what it’s like to run a successful fitness business and how long it took him to get the studio he wants 

It is NOT always simple (rarely ever)

You have to submit planning permission to change a unit… does the landlord want this? Are you going to get any objections from the locals to get this change of use?

This can take TIME ⏰

So, if you want more advice and insights into this process, head back and listen to this Guest Interview ⬇️


On Tuesday, we looked at 5 things you need to work on to make sure your fitness business thrives and grows 

1️⃣ Find Your Niche 

If you just start working with everyone and anyone…you will find it harder to justify a higher price 😅

2️⃣ Know Your Finances

You need to know the ins and outs and everything unexpected 

When someone pays, make sure you remove any tax or VAT you need to pay. Plus, factor in the operation costs like the unity, bills, staff, your own wage 

3️⃣ Location 

If you’re in a significant area and there are a lot of busy roads near to you…the chances are you can pick up a lot of people from surrounding areas as they can travel in quickly 😁

4️⃣ Plan 

You need to be thinking about SO many things…from sessions to equipment to types of session to the number of people in each session. Plus, when it comes to marketing, what ads, what emails, what offers, what referrals are you going to run?

5️⃣ Content

How are you going to get your content out there?

Paid or unpaid?

How quickly do you need the leads? ⏰

View the full post here ⬇️


Then on Wednesday, we looked at what’s working right now

We discussed a short entry offer into your business

A 6-week challenge, a 30-day trial, a 21-day transformation programme

Anything that will get them in the door and allow you to sell to them in the long-term 💸

View the full post here ⬇️


Then, on Thursday we advised you to PLAN everything

Planning means control 💪

Plan your lead gen strategy, plan your sales, plan your onboarding 

The more likely you are to get leads, make sales AND keep your clients 🔥

Have you enjoyed the content this week?

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David 🙂 

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