5 Key Tips On Growing Your Business

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Yesterday, Sam Beagle came on to talk all about the ups and downs of running a business and how to come out the other side stronger 💪

And today we’re sharing 5️⃣ things you need to be doing to make sure your fitness business is successful ⬇️

1️⃣ Find Your Niche 

If you just start working with everyone and anyone

You will need to charge less 😅

For example, given the choice, if you were able to pay a specialist Doctor for a specific problem, you probably would pay more for that specialist 

So, find your niche and charge that little extra! 

2️⃣ Know Your Finances

You need to know the ins and outs and everything unexpected 

When someone pays, make sure you remove any tax or VAT you need to pay

Plus, factor in the operation costs like the unity, bills, staff, your own wage 

You need to know IT ALL 💸

This will make your life so much easier when it comes to figuring out how many clients you need 

3️⃣ Location 

If you’re in a significant area and there are a lot of busy roads near to you…the chances are you can pick up a lot of people from surrounding areas as they can travel in quickly 😁

For example, on Facebook Ads, we run to 8-10km, this covers a wide range of Cardiff and a lot of people can reach us

However, if you’re in London and running ads, you may only need to run them 2-3km around you…your population will be huge and traffic will prevent people coming too far

4️⃣ Plan 

You need to be thinking about SO many things…from sessions to equipment, to types of session to the number of people in each session

And when it comes to marketing, what ads, what emails, what offers, what referrals are you going to run?

Start planning and make sure you’re coming up with new ways to get clients in ✅

5️⃣ Content

How are you going to get your content out there?

Paid or unpaid?

How quickly do you need the leads? ⏰

If you’re new and you want leads fast, paid advertising is the way

Once you start to build your name, people get to know you and then you can work on organic 💪

So, those are 5 things you need to consider and focus on to make sure your business keeps moving forward 

Love the content? Let us know! ❤️

David 🙂 

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