Planning Makes Perfect

This week has been about the ins and outs of running a successful fitness business

On Monday, Sam Beagle came on to discuss the highs and lows of running his fitness business 😎

Tuesday, I shared 5 things you really need to do to keep growing your fitness business 

And yesterday we explained what is working right now to get people through the door 🚪

Today though we’re talking all about planning 

You see…planning makes PERFECT 👌

Do not rush into anything 

Take yesterdays example…we talked all about that entry offer

You need to know, plan and figure out what will work for this offer

How long will it be?

What additional things will they get? Nutrition? Support?

How much is the programme?

What is the onboarding process?

Plus,  you must plan test and trial how you’re going to keep these clients long-term beyond this entry offer 👍

Otherwise,  you will always be struggling with converting clients 

And a high conversion rate from entry offer to long-term is the key to running a successful fitness business 

David 🙂 

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