An Overview On Online Lead Generation

Happy Friday people!! 😎

This week was all about online fitness businesses 

And Friday is all about giving you an overview of what we have covered

Let’s get started

On Monday, Tim shared his experience in setting up a behaviour change fitness business coaching system 

This was all about building the client up and giving them tasks over the programme to build their experience and enjoyment and give them the power 

This way, clients are getting better long-term results

Plus, he went into more detail on how you can charge more for this service, from generating leads to making sales and all about behaviour change 

Interested? Check out the full interview here: 


On Tuesday, I shared 5 ways you can generate leads for your online fitness business 

You see, sales for online are far harder than an in-person gym 

You HAVE to put a lot of effort into building that KLT

So, I shared 5 ways you can do this 

We spoke about: 

1️⃣ Ebook

2️⃣ Blog 

3️⃣ Emails

4️⃣ Facebook group 

5️⃣ Webinars 

Want to know more about them? Simply head over to the full post here:


On Wednesday, we looked at a funnel – how to set up a Facebook ad to send people through the funnel and sell to them

We created an Ebook designed for our specific target audience

We then run a Facebook Leadad, we collected their name, phone & email 

On the TY page, we thank them and send them to the FREE Facebook group to download their guide 

Once they’ve joined, we add them as a friend and drop them a DM 

Want to know about this in a little more detail? Check Wednesdays post out here: 


Finally, yesterday, we talked about making sure that we have a target audience 

We don’t want to work with anyone and everyone 

Jump into this market, and you’re battling with the likes of Joe Wicks 

Be specific!! 

Make sure you have a niche, something that sets YOU apart from the crowd 


So, I hope you’ve enjoyed this week 

It’s been great focusing on online 

Got more questions? Want to know more? Learn more? Get access to MORE downloads? 

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See you next week

David 🙂 

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