The Easiest Facebook Ads Funnel Every Business Owner Should Know

This week is all about generating leads for your online fitness business 🤓

On Monday, Tim shared how he set up a behaviour change coaching programme 

And yesterday we looked at 5 different ways we can generate leads into your fitness business, especially for those high-end programmes that really need to build that KLT 💪

Today, I’m going to talk you through an actual funnel for a Facebook ad

So ⬇️

Firstly, we need to consider our audience. What do they do for a living? What do they do outside of work? What is their family life?

Let’s say over 30s for a high-end programme 😃

Next ➡️ create an Ebook, a lead magnet that they would want to download. Make sure you hit your niche. ‘5 healthy breakfast ideas for busy business owners’ … tell them who this guide is for. Also make sure you tell them a bit about you and add a CTA at the end 

So, how are potential leads going to hear about your Ebook?


Fb will collect their name & email for you ✅

Then, thank them for requesting the free guide and let them know they can have instant access to your FREE Facebook group where they can download their guide

And from this, we get about a 60% conversion rate

This is 60% of people who request the download are joining the free Facebook group 😇 – this is really good!

Then, every day make sure you’re posting in your free Facebook group, keep building that KLT 

Plus, add them as a friend and send them a personal message 

Start those conversations 💬

This is all about building that awareness and getting to know the prospect 

It really is that straightforward

David 🙂 

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