Without this tip… you might struggle!

This week has been about generating leads and running a successful online fitness business 

On Monday, Tim came on to share How Behaviour Change Coaches Are Disrupting The Online Fitness Space

Tuesday, we looked at 5 different ways to generate leads for your fitness business

And yesterday we looked at creating a funnel to bring leads in, warm them up, connect and potentially sell to them πŸ”₯

Today, if you don’t get this foundational thing right, you will struggle…especially in the online world 


If you want to start implementing some of the stuff Tim talked about on Monday, especially higher bracket programmes

You need to be specific about your audience ❗️❗️❗️

You cant work with anyone and everyone

Our gym, you have to be over 30, and not a poser…thats the only requirement, it’s also pretty affordable. So we have a niche, but its not super specific and we only have 1-2 over 30s competitors in Cardiff

Whereas when you go online, you’re competing with the whole world 

When you go online, for over 30s there would be hundreds or thousands of competitors 

So, online, we need to be specific 😎

You have to stand out from the crowd

Especially if you’re targeting the higher income brackets 

So don’t put simple ads out that attract the Β£5 per session clients 

All your emails, ebooks, social media, texts 

Everything you communicate about your programme is specific to your target audience πŸ™Œ

You want to attract your target audience and repel the people that don’t fit 

David πŸ™‚ 

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