5 Ways you can generate interest in your business

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This week is all about online coaching and generating leads for your online coaching business 💻

On Monday, Tim Drummond shared how he runs a behaviour change coaching programme, and how we can charge a little bit more £$

Plus, Tim spoke all about finding your ideal client 🤩

So today, I’m sharing 5 different ways we can generate interest and leads and how we can get them interested in our offer and excited to get started:

1️⃣ Write an Ebook
This is an insight into the coaching you offer. It might be breakfasts for busy mums – it’s a simple, easy guide for them to download. Or is your target audience a bit more niche? Looking to make sure the people interested in joining your programme will be happy with the price point?

Try this:
‘Breakfast for business ladies in a rush’ – talk directly to the kind of client you’re looking to get into your business

2️⃣Write a blog
When your target audience is googling things, they will be searching specific words. If your blog includes these words, it will come up in their google search. Speak to your niche! They might head into your website, read the blog and then download your ebook!

3️⃣ Send out some emails
Make sure you’re collecting email addresses in exchange for your Ebook!! Then, send out 1 weekly email to let potential clients know what’s coming up, share some tips, including links to previous blogs etc. Fill this email with content, build that value and trust!!

4️⃣ Facebook group
Post consistently in this group!! When you post, more than likely the members will be notified. Updates on your programmes, client successes, things coming up at your gym…keep these clients involved and updated on what’s happening in your business right now

5️⃣ Webinars
The great thing about this is when a prospect subscribes, they’re fixed on you for 30 minutes to 1 hour. You have got their attention 💪
If you are coming across as likeable, trustable, knowledgable this will continue to build that all-important KLT

All 5 of these approaches are great – but make sure every single time you are speaking to your niche


Selling online is HARD. There’s no denying it.

But cover these 5 touchpoints and you will make it easier 💪

Tomorrow, I’m talking you through one of our funnels…don’t miss it!

David 🙂

P.S. If you’re interested in Fb Ads, social media, downloads, scripts & more

Head over to the fitnessbusinessecosystem.com

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