Your Fitness Business Should Be Something You Love

Today I want to share something that you something that should really define your fitness business…

When I got started, I worked with anyone and everyone that would work with me

As I simply thought that as I had now become a FitPro, people would just want to come and work with me

And yeah that was the case

I would be picking up clients I LOVED working with

I would also pick clients up that I would dread living with

You know when you wake up and check your calendar and that one name is the calendar that you dread

Then all day leading up to it, your dreading working with that person

This brings us to defining your fitness business

Or finding a niche or market that you LOVE working with

Remember these are the people that you are going to be working with day in, day out

So say you work with over 30 women, that is making each day drag

But you actually really love working with guys who are packing on muscle

You love the dedication, the lifting, the grind

Why would you stay working with that audience

After all, your fitness business should be something you love every minute or running

Therefore, find the niche, find that target audience you love working with

And try creating your business around that niche

That way then, every day you wake, jump out of bed excited and ready go 🙌

After all, you are the business owner and this isn’t just another job

David 🙂

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