0 to 100 Clients in 3 months

0 to 100 Clients in 3 months

Before we moved to Cardiff we rented a space in another gym

We had looked for our own facility for a while

Everything was too expensive

Then one day, on the Facebook group UKPT’s someone said they were giving up a unit in Cardiff

I had only been to Cardiff once to watch Wales play football

We moved to Cardiff, with no reputation, no clients, no Facebook page…a clean slate

Luckily as I specialise in Facebook Ads I didn’t consider it to be a problem ??

And that’s why I love when people join The Portal

They are able to use all of my knowledge to generate leads for their fitness business

Once we arrived in Cardiff we knew this was the perfect place for us. We took a big bank loan out and kitted everything up

From toilets to showers to gym equipment

But again – 0 clients

As we started building everything up, we turned the Ads on

We had building work going on and started signing clients up with the promise we would have it ready to go in 2 weeks

Fast forward 3 months, we managed to hit our 100 clients

So it really is possible. If you’re dedicated and serious about making it work

Anything is possible ??

Now, with us trying to get back to normal, this is the perfect time for you. It can be a clean slate. Increase prices, change your set-up. Take advantage of what’s going on and get a head start

And if you need help with that…

Join us in The FitPro Portal.

We give you everything you need the ad copy, how to set it up, the landing page, the thank you page etc.

Until the 25th, you can get 25% off your first month with code: OPEN25 at check out


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