Are you missing a trick with APPLICATION forms?

Are you missing a trick with APPLICATION forms?

This weeks ‘what’s working Wednesday’ I wanted to share with you the power of Application forms

If you are not sure what they are…

It is a short form you would get a prospect to complete to give you more information on their goals

Now the reason we would use them is simple

1: reduce the number of leads we need to contact

2: have a better sales call by understanding their needs before speaking with them

Let’s start with reducing time-wasting leads

I have a client up in Scotland who works with just Dads

He didn’t want to be phoning 100’s of Dads each week, with a large portion not even ready to invest

So we went down the route of collecting name and email first, then application form to follow

That way he only needs to contact the application form people

Meaning he will have a better conversation with them as he will know their reasons

This, in turn, has lead to costs of £25 an application and £60 a sale

His product is £199 = £139 PROFIT ?

So how do you get the lead to fill in the form?

We keep it simple after they have done the name and email

The next page is asking them to give you more info on their goals

The link to the application form will also be in your follow up emails

And will be posted in all your social media posts or when people ask for more information

Again, giving you a better opportunity to sell ?

Next, let’s look at that opportunity to sell

By having them fill out the form

You know what they want, why they want it, what’s stopping them and why now is the right time to start

Putting you on the front foot when you speak to them as you can plan the consultation to hit the areas they need the most help with

Making the sale much, much easier ?

So, yeah

If you want to be calling fewer people and more of the people who are more likely to join

Then consider using an application form

David 🙂

Ps… Did you know we have application form templates, Facebook Ads templates, phone call & text message scripts all waiting for you inside The FitPro Portal?

And until the 25th, you can get 25% off your first month with code: OPEN25 at check out

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Welcome to our latest guest interview

This week, we have Stuart Mackenzie from FitPro Sales

Yes, you may have heard that name before, as we had Stuart join us a few months back on the FitPro Lead Gen Tour ?

And again, what Stuart had to say back then is still 100% relevant when it comes to sales now

As today we dig deep into each stage of the prospect to sale journey

David 🙂

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