5 Tips for Building Your First Website

5 Tips for Building Your First Website

Do I really need a website??

Is one of those questions that keep popping up all the time

Technically, no you don’t need one

As long as you have the landing page in place you’re good to go

But having one does really make your business stand out

After all, there is a strong chance that after seeing your fitness business on social media

They will probably google you to look for your website

Therefore it’s always a good idea to have a website which delivers value and builds trust to any of the viewers landing on in

So with that being said, how complicated is creating your first website on a budget? Or does it have to cost your a fortune?

1️⃣ Let’s start with your hosting, this is where your website is going to live

Before we can do anything else, we need to get our hosting in place

With this your can get hosting for like £10 a month

2️⃣ Next we have the domain name, this is your website name / URL

For us at FitPro Lead Gen, our URL is www . FitProLeadGen . com

You can usually get your domain name with your hosting

3️⃣ Setting up WordPress is the next step, yes you can use Squarespace, Wix or many other website building tools available

But WordPress is used by a crazy 35% of all website in the World

Plus it’s FREE and super easy to use

4️⃣ Now we have WordPress set up, we then need to find a design or theme for the look and feel of the website

Again with WordPress you have access to 1000’s of free themes to choose from

When we build site for clients we use Divi which is a paid theme and gives us a lot more functionality

5️⃣ The final step is now filling your website with your content, images and video

This is usually the longest part to setting up your website as it will require you to collate all the copy, images, videos and success stories you want to add to each page

⬆️ And those are the 5 steps to setting up your first website…

As with anything, this is going to take time, finalising the right theme that works for you and the content you want to add to your website

Therefore you may want to do step 5 first before looking at step 4, to make sure step 4 gives you everything you need ?

David 🙂

Ps… if you would rather a step by step course on the whole set up, including templates and downloads, then come and check out The FitPro Portal

Where we current have 25% off until the 25th with code name: OPEN25

Here is more details: www.TheFitProPortal.com

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Welcome to our latest guest interview

This week, we have Stuart Mackenzie from FitPro Sales

Yes, you may have heard that name before, as we had Stuart join us a few months back on the FitPro Lead Gen Tour ?

And again, what Stuart had to say back then is still 100% relevant when it comes to sales now

As today we dig deep into each stage of the prospect to sale journey

David 🙂

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