Why You Need To Include An Entry Offer

This week has been all about sales and convincing prospects to become a lead or purchase your programme πŸ’Έ

Gary spoke all about behaviour change when it comes to generating leads and making sales

Tuesday was 5 top tips 5️⃣

And Wednesday was what’s working right now when it comes to making sales

Today though I’m talking all about entry offers: why you need one and what it should be πŸ’ͺ

You might have the most amazing branding set-up or fitness business, or even be a ninja at selling

But if your offer doesn’t work or attract the audience you want

You wont be making sales ❌

And this is why in this industry, you need an entry offer

An offer that makes them want to join you over someone else…

A good example is broadband ⬇️

You have two companies, they offer the same deals

But one of the companies gives the first 6 months at half price

Its obvious who you will go with πŸ˜…

And this is why when we’re running a fitness business and we put an offer out there

It needs to be a tempting offer 😎

No one is going to be sat there in the evening, scrolling through their phone and stopped by an ad with a 12-month contract

People want results and they want them quick πŸ—£

We know as FitPro’s we need to give them a time frame that they will be tempted by

This entry offer has to be appealing βœ…

Then, once they’re on your entry offer…you have that short space of time to impress them and convince them they made the right choice

Plus, once they have finished their course, they will join onto monthly!

That’s what we do here at DKnine

On average, a client stays between 8 and 13 months

That’s pretty good πŸ”₯

So, create an offer that gets them in and then show them why you are worth it

David πŸ™‚

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