Let’s Talk All Things Lead Gen & Sales

This week has been all about generating leads & making sales

Monday was our guest interview with Gary where he talked all about behaviour change, consults, sales and generating leads 😎

Tuesday was 5 tips 5️⃣

Wednesday was what’s working 🔥

And Thursday we talked about a foundation part of your business which is creating that entry offer ➡️

You see…to have a successful business we need 3 key things:

Generate Leads
Make Sales
Keep Clients

And what we’ve spoken about this week is generating leads, making sales and making sure you keep those clients beyond the entry offer

Because if you sell, sell, sell…you will get burnt out ❌

So sales are so important but you HAVE to keep a good amount of clients too

Gary on Monday talked about behaviour change, the way you ask questions, the way you speak to your prospects

This starts from the moment you put your ads out, your social media out

You position your content to build them up into a qualified lead and know what to expect ✅

So when they’re in front of you, your job is a lot easier

Plus, let them speak! Talk too much and people will lose confidence

We want them to sell themselves into the programme 💸

Plus, take notes on what they’re saying and relay it to them later to show them you’ve listened and to show them why they need to join your programme

Then, you need to understand why you need an entry offer

Not everyone wants to join on a 12-month contract

People want quick results ⏰

Sure, it might not be as realistic, but this is a sales game

You need to sell them what they want

And deliver what they need 💪

You might sell them onto a 30 day or 6-week programme

Quick and easy to get them in

And then it’s over to you to build the trust, show the value and get them to join your monthly membership 💪

Lots to think about this week!

Let us know if you have any questions

David 🙂

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