Do You Need A Sales Script?

This week has been all about sales and chasing leads πŸ’ͺ

Gary shared his experiences and insight into behaviour change, looking at chasing leads and making sales

Yesterday we gave 5 simples tips working for us and our clients 5️⃣

Today I want to focus on that sales consultation

You’ve probably been told by previous mentors that a sales script is what will get you through that consultation πŸ“

But for us, we don’t have a sales script

We have a couple of questions we make sure we ask

and depending on how the consult goes, that dictates how we might move forward πŸ˜…

You may bring someone in and follow your script but find actually, it doesn’t suit what they’re looking for. And…

It wont work ❌

What they really need is something totally different

So, for us we would never have a sales script

We have our questions and we roll from there ➑️

Its a case of you deciding what works best for you

But for us its all about having a smooth, personal and relaxed sales consultation

Its just a conversion! πŸ—£

David πŸ™‚

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