5 Tips on Leads & Sales For Your Business

Time To Read: 3 minutes

This week is all about leads and sales and we started yesterday with Gary sharing his knowledge on behaviour change and the way it can be utilised in generating sales and leads

Today I’m sharing 5 things you need to consider when it comes to generating leads and making sales :

1️⃣ Explanation & Confirmation
Last week when we talked about explanation and confirmation, but its very relevant again here too. This is key when it comes to chasing leads and making sales. When you’re talking to your prospect you need to be clear, concise and explain and confirm.

Whether thats the price, the services, booking in – everything must be clear and tell them what will happen next. The better you do this, the more confident they will feel and the more likely they are to buy

2️⃣ Let them talk
Don’t take the stage. You will talk them out of the sale, when you want them to talk themselves into the sale. When it comes to booking in for consults, ask the questions but let them talk.

3️⃣ Be ready for them to ask you questions
You will get all sorts. You need to be confident and have clear answers to their questions. You need to really understand your target audience and your programme. Take note of everything prospects say…relay it back to them. They will feel heard!

4️⃣ Up-sells, Down-sells, Cross-sells and Referrals
Think about the different options you can give to people. Some people will be more sorted to high end, others low-end. They might want a bit of crossfit and a bit of the weight loss programme. Or maybe you might entice them to bring a friend in and get a discount on their membership. So figure out different offers you can put out there

5️⃣ Taking payment
This should be as easy as possible. When they’re a new client…the tiniest thing can put them off. If your payment set up is simple and easy, you’re most likely to make that sale. There is nothing like a dodgy payment page to put you off spending your money! Try Paypal, cash or card. Then, once they move onto monthly we put them on Stripe because it allows us to take payment easily each month without chasing.

So those are 5 tips I would give you when it comes to making leads and chasing sales

David 🙂

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