Why It’s Important To Collect Data

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This week is all about building habits to ensure we keep succeeding and growing within our business💪

On Monday, Juli shared how one book changed her entire mindset and allowed her to create habits that really moved her business forwards ➡️

On Tuesday, I shared 5 things you need to be doing to push your business forwards and keep succeeding 

Today we’re looking at Fb ads and the data we need to be looking at to make sure everything is working to its full potential ✅

Before we dive in…

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So when we’re looking at Facebook in particular and understanding our numbers there’s a few things to consider ⬇️

1️⃣ Cost per click: this tells you if the prospect viewing your advert likes your ad and image, and this dictates whether they click through to the next stage. If the cost per click is high, people aren’t responding well to your ad 

2️⃣ Cost per lead: this is the amount you pay for someone to enter their details. When we look at the price, we want it to be an average over a course of a week. A lot of different things happen, the weekend, the weather, loads of different things. Once you know your average cost per lead over 1 week…that’s what you should compare to 

3️⃣ Cost per consultation: this is the money you’ve spent to get someone through the door to sell to them…NOT the sale

4️⃣ Cost per sale: this is the money you have spent in order to get them through the door and buy your programme 

So out of those 4 numbers in total, really look into your cost per lead and your cost per sale 💸

Once you know these numbers, you will know where you are going wrong 

Mark these down, get to know the averages ✅

And then you will know where you’re at and what you need to change 

David 🙂 

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