The 5 Habits You Need To Develop Your Business

This week is all about creating habits and structure in your fitness business to help you thrive, develop and grow 💪

On Monday, Juli shared how she read one particular book that has changed her habits and allowed her to rapidly grow her fitness business

Today I’m sharing 5 things you should do to ensure you keep moving forward and hitting your targets ✅

1️⃣ Pay your bills

Not paying your bills can lead to so much financial stress and worry

On the first of every month we pay our tax and VAT bills paid 😇

We don’t want to get to the end of the year and realise we’ve spent that money

This has happened before and it causes so many issues

Never again! ❌

2️⃣ Critical tasks

Every day I wake up I have a list of critical tasks to do every morning

They’re always the same, the first thing I do every day 😎

If I don’t do them, things will slow down, things will get in my way, and I will NOT progress

So every time you start work, make sure you have your critical tasks done & dusted ✅

3️⃣ Dedicate time to YOU

You’re hard at work, trying to develop your business, generating leads,

Give yourself time

You need free time to do the things you love

It isn’t always about working super hard

Make sure you invest time into yourself ❗️

4️⃣ Take time off

You can work 50-60-70 hours a week

Remember to take time off 🤯

This is crucial

Rest and recovery days are so important

Make sure you allow some time for you to relax and forget about everything at work 😁

5️⃣ Manage your numbers

When it comes to this, we need to consider:

➡️ Number of clients – there could be a period of time when you don’t keep track of this, you aren’t bringing anyone new in, and each week you’ve lost a couple. All of a sudden you’re scraping the barrel. Make sure you keep track

➡️ Bank balance – spending too much? You could end up in big trouble. No one wants to be borrowing money!

➡️ General marketing – make sure you keep an eye on this. Know your numbers, how many people show up for consults, how many people join, how many people answer the phone. Know it all!


Those are 5 habits I think you need to be looking at

Understand them, work on them…and you will have a great foundation to really move your business forwards

Want to know more about moving your fitness business forwards? 😎

Come check out our FREE group: FitPro Lead Gen with Dave

In here we have a 5-day challenge to building the foundations to a 10k fitness business, guest interviews & so much more

David 🙂

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