The One Foundational Tip You Need

This week has been all about building habits and foundations for your fitness business

On Monday Juli shared her experiences reading 1 book which changed her life and empowered her to grow her business to a whole other level

On Tuesday I shared 5 things you need to be doing to scale your business
Wednesday we looked at important stats you need to be checking to make sure your ads and sales system is working

This morning, I’m sharing a foundational tip


I want you, if you want to instil a new habit in your life, your fitness business

Just choose 1 to 2 things MAX ❗️

When you put a lot of pressure on yourself to implement a load of new things at once

You tend to fall off the wagon 🤯

And you end up stopping ALL of them! ❌

SO if you really want to make these habits stick

And you want to make a change to your life

Take it slow 🤗

Pick 1 or 2 things

And build on those small things, create those new habits and move that fitness business forwards 💪

It will all come together

David 🙂

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