An Overview Of Building Successful Habits

This week has been all about habits and structures you can build to take your business to the next level ✅

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In the meantime… here’s an overview of the week


We started the week off with Juli who shared her experiences with reading 1 book! She claimed she read this book: Atomic Habits and implemented it all and it’s made a huge different to her fitness business 😎

Now, you can see from the way she’s talking and shes really clear and understanding of habits

So if there’ sone thing to take away from Juli’s interview

Is to make use of what people are giving us in these books!

Her fitness business is now thriving 😁


On Tuesday, I sharedthings you need to be doing over the coming days, weeks & months

1️⃣ Pay your bills
Seperate your taxes, your wages, your VAT and pay it FIRST
If you aren’t in a position to do this, and your outgoings are too big, you probably need to cut back

2️⃣ Critical tasks
Get this done every morning, like clockwork!
You will feel accomplished and set up ready for the day

3️⃣Personal development
Make sure you have enough time for this. Find the time to read a book, to exercise, watch some trainings, reach out to a mentor…this guidance and personald development is key

4️⃣ Relax and recover
Don’t over do it. You WILL burn out. In order to be your best, you need to feel it


Then on Wednesday we talked about another habit. We want you to make sure you’re tracking your numbers:

Cost per click ✅
Cost per lead ✅
Cost per consultation ✅
Cost per sale ✅

And we said if you really want to focus on just 2, it’s cost per lead and cost per sale

That way you will know how well your ad is working, and how much each sale is costing you ✅


So, work on your habits, have time to yourself, and this will work in your favour and also in your businesses favour 😎

David 🙂

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