Why Creating Your Niche is Key

Why Creating Your Niche is Key

This week has all been about getting started in the fitness industry

Karl Muir came on and talked about how to get qualified, get your documents & your first clients in ?

Yesterday we shared 5 tips on how to get the ball rolling

Today though, I want to share with you what’s working for us

We’ve talked about this topic a few times now

And it’s really understanding who you want to work with

When I first started I worked with anyone and everyone

And the issue was, I never had a specific message to make it clear and obvious who I work with

My posts never spoke to anyone ?

Never pulled the right type of person in

So you need to figure out who you like working with

And who you can get the best results with ??

Because once you have those 2 covered you then need to move into creating that story for yourself

For example, I decided I needed to pick a niche

We started by working with over 30’s ladies in small groups

Obviously I was 24, male, and I’ve never had children

So I didn’t know what they were going through

I had to create a story they could relate to and resonate with

The story was simple ⬇️

I decided DKnine was all set up based on what my mum wanted

She worked full time
Had 4 children
She always did everything for us
Never had any time for herself

Because I knew my target audience could relate to this and they would want these results for themselves

So that is what’s working for us!

We’ve now had our gym up and running in Cardiff for 2.5 years

And it’s specifically for busy over 30’s ?

David 🙂

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