How to Never Scramble Around For Cash at the Last Minute Again

This week has been all about how to get started in the fitness industry

Whether you’re recently qualified or not sure how to get started

On Monday, Karl, owner of PT mentor UK shared anything and everything you need to know to get your qualification and get started

Tuesday we had some top tips

Yesterday we shared what’s working

And today I want to talk about a foundational thing we all need to do in our business to make sure we guarantee we know how much money we will have at the start of the month ?

So let’s get started

Obviously when we start out we all think about how we can generate clients

Once we’ve got them we then start thinking about how we will charge them

Block booking, pay as you go, monthly etc.

The thing that changed everything for us – so we never had to worry about how much money we had each month

Was introducing a standing order, a direct debit or a monthly rolling system

We knew if we had 50 clients on our programme paying £100 each we were guaranteed £5000 a month ??

By doing this we knew exactly how much money we had coming in

If you know your outgoings are £7000 and you’re bringing in £5000

You know you need to find an extra 20 clients to really bump it up to where you need it to be ?

So, work this out & try to get as many people onto a monthly subscription

So you can take away the hassle of having to get them to pay each month
⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️
There are a number of ways you can do this

1️⃣ Paypal is great & trustworthy but it does charge more than other places

2️⃣ Stripe is another option. You can send them an invoice on their first month and it saves their details so you can set up a recurring payment

3️⃣ Go-cardless is a standing order or direct debit system. They put their account number and sort code on & every month and it comes out on the date

For us, we use a mixture of Stripe & Go-cardless

That’s my foundational tip for this week ?

If you can get monthly standing orders

Without having to ask everyone individually to pay each month

This is a great help & stress relief ?

David 🙂

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