Why Client Retention Is Crucial

Time To Read: 3 minutes

This week is all about creating a fitness business that works for you

One that you control, and that you can be super proud of 💪

On Monday, Liam shared his experiences setting up 2 studios and how to make your business work for you

On Tuesday, I shared 5 ways to create your dream business

And yesterday, we looked at how to generate a predictable flow of leads into your business that dont require too much chasing ✅

Today, I’m sharing a foundational thing that a lot of you probably take for granted

Generating leads and making sales are a key parts to growing your fitness business 🏋️‍♀️

We can’t always rely on generating new leads and making sales

To have a business that works, we need to keep clients 👊

This is the game-changer

Not for 3-4 months ❌

12 – 16 months is a good average length of time ✅

So, if your client lifetime value is 3-4 months

You need to look at what you can change 🧐

So, here are a few suggestions on what you could do

Create a great onboarding process

However long your programme is, that entry offer, your onboarding process lasts that same amount of time

Don’t overload them with info ❌

Because by the time they come to the end of the programme you’ve overdone it and they’re overwhelmed

But if you can stretch your onboarding across the 6 weeks (for example)

Week 1 – Turn up
Week 2 – Write down your nutrition
Week 3 – Work on your nutrition
Week 4 – Sleep
Week 5 – Water
Week 6 – Final weigh-in

So when they come to the end of the process, they feel settled, part of your community 💕

Plus, look at what you need to do to keep them long-term

Once they’ve converted onto your monthly membership

We need to reset their goals every couple of months 😁

Take photos, weigh-ins, set targets, put events on, celebrate their birthdays etc.

They need to feel part of the community 😇

Plus, things like branded clothing and myzone belts also keep people sticking with you

Keep them interested and interacting with the business

The more clients you keep, the fewer new sales you need to be making

David 🙂

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