The 5 Steps To Structure Your Social Media Videos

This weeks training is all about structuring your social media videos.

It’s arguably the most essential aspect when creating a social media video on any platform, however, it’s also one of the most overlooked aspects in favour of a more ‘wing-it type approach.

Something to keep in mind before starting is to research your videos drop off rate, don’t get disheartened though, every video has a drop off rate. The rate dictates when viewers are watching your videos and to what point they click off or just stop watching. So before we get started, research that, this will decide at what point in the video you feature the best content from that video.

1️⃣ First point is the hook, this can be an eye-catching image, video or even a headline! Something to provoke interest, make the viewer engage with it, prompt them to think about it if it’s a question. All these will lead to higher engagement rates and more watch time on your videos.

2️⃣ Secondly, front load your videos, what I mean by this is remember that drop off rate I mentioned? If your drop off rate data shows people are clicking off within 10 seconds of starting the video, then put your best content within those 10 seconds!

3️⃣ Third step is the real content of the video, make sure it’s as relatable, engaging and entertaining as possible for your viewers to enjoy it!

4️⃣ Fourth step is adding additional value, you want your videos to stand out from every other video on Facebook / YouTube / Instagram. This can be just additional information, a giveaway or just making it more personal for the viewers!

5️⃣ Lastly you want a call to action, this is a signup link, link to another video or your website, anything to promote a response to the video from the viewer.

And there are the 5 steps! The most important points I want you to take away is the first and second steps, really make those starting moments of the video the most entertaining points, really keep your viewers attention during the beginning of the video and then they’re more likely to stay to watch the rest.


– Morgan 🙂

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