An Overview Of Creating A Fitness Business That Works For You

Friday is always an overview of the whole week 💪

And this week has been all about creating a fitness business that works for you

Not one that ties you down, not one where the clients are in control ❌

We covered a lot of different areas 🤓

On Monday Liam shared his experiences and advice having set up two fitness businesses

Two of Liams key focusses were creating systems and employing the right staff ✅

When everything is automated and you have the right staff – you save SO much time ⏰

Tuesday, we looked at 5 things you should put in place to create your dream fitness business ❗️

It was all about deciding the amount of money that you really need to earn

If you can just work for someone else and get a decent salary

Why start your own business? ❌

If you want to earn more money, working for someone else may not be possible

So once we know this, we need to consider how many hours we want to work to earn that amount

Plus, consider how many members you need to have based on what you are charging to be able to reach your dream salary

Lastly, we considered all of the automations you can use to free up your time 😁

Wednesday was all about looking into generating a consistent flow of leads that didn’t take up too much time

We looked at shortening name, email & phone to just name & email 😇

And we gave them the option to book a gym studio tour

‘thanks for requesting more info, the final step is to book your gym studio tour’ etc.

Plus success stories, b&a’s and social proof ✅

And we’ve been testing this at DK and getting great results 💸

Thursday was one of the most important points

We talked all about client retention 👯‍♀️

If we can’t keep clients, we have to work SO hard to generate leads and make sales

Keeping clients for 12+ months is perfect

To do this, we structure it ALL ✅

What’s the plan for their initial 3 months?
What’s the plan for their 6 months milestone?
What’s the plan for their 12 month anniversary?

Keep resetting their goals, making them part of the community, selling them the merch 💪

So, that’s a quick overview of everything we covered this week 📅

Head back and check out the full posts if something sparks your interest

David 🙂

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