Where You Need To Be Taking Inspiration From As A Business Owner

This week is all about what came from the lockdown, how our businesses developed and how we overcame it 

On Monday, Shaun shared his self-development and how he transitioned from face to face to online PT 💻

Then, yesterday we looked at the 5 things lockdown forced us to do, and these are 5 things we have KEPT 

Today, I’m sharing what has really helped me scale my business

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So, a lot of things came from the lockdown, and actually some of the things that happened, we’re quite happy about 

We have more breaks in our session times AND the clients clean their own equipment 

We’re happier, and so are our clients 😎

But one thing that hit me hard coming out of lockdown, was looking at how some other fitness businesses were able to grow and scale

For us, we always looked up to the big studios 

More studios, more clients, more money

But we never looked at smaller businesses to see what lessons we could learn from them 😫

I’ve now realised we should always be looking around from all angles 

Everyone has different goals

And you can learn from EVERYONE ✅

You can see what’s working for them but also what’s working from a different point of view 

You have to try things, mould them to your set-up 

This is a great way to be inspired by the people you know around you, whether that be in person or on social media


Plus, another great way to grow your knowledge is to listen to audio books

When I drive to work, that’s 20 minutes for me to listen to a podcast or an audiobook 

Expanding my knowledge and learning from others 

So, look around you!! Smaller businesses, bigger businesses, different types of businesses 

These may be people you know or books or podcasts!

David 🙂 

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