This week has been all about transitioning out of lockdown last year and how we did it 

On Monday, Shaun talked all about his own self-development and his transition to an online fitness business ➑ πŸ’»

Then Tuesday, we looked at 5 things we had to do moving out of lockdown

Yesterday, we looked at mindset, talking all about why we need to take inspiration from all sorts of businesses regardless of how big or small they are 

Today, we’re talking about making sure YOU stand out from the CROWD πŸ’ͺ

FIRST, do you need any help at all with growing your fitness business?

Head here:

Now, let’s dive in 

On Monday, when I asked Shaun about his specific target audience, he said he didn’t have a specific audience 

But that he focusses himself and on standing out from the crowd πŸ€“

He has a specific way of posting, a way of doing things, so the focus is on him and why he’s different

At DKnine, our target audience is over 30s who don’t like going to the gym

But if you do work with anyone and everyone

You can blend in very easily πŸ˜…

The way to stand out, is not to imitate others but to move away and show the world who you are

The funny side, the crazy side

Show them who you are, it’s you who they want to know like and trust 

Online is personal, you’re working directly with that person

So, try not to copy others ❌

Don’t blend in 

Stand out from the crowd 

David πŸ™‚ 

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