5 Things We Changed From Lockdown

This week is all about changes and things that came from Lockdown 

On Monday, Shaun shared how Lockdown changed his business from being offline to online and all of the self-development that came with it

Today, I have 5 things we changed at DKnine 

The month before lockdown, was our best ever yet 🤯

We were growing, and the model we set up worked really well 

But there was always more things we wanted to change and update

Then lockdown came, it was a CHALLENGE 😅

But it allowed us to make some of those changes we wanted to make 

We had to adapt, keep our clients engaged 

And now we’re open ⬇️

We’ve changed some things to make sure if lockdown ever happened again

We would be ok 👌

So, here are the 5 things we have done: 

1️⃣ Staff Set-Up 

Before lockdown we had 2 staff working at the same time. We’d have Small-group and Large-group. We’d run the two sessions at the same time, it was busy, and a bit messy. So the first thing we changed was the staff set up. Instead of split shifts, we have one staff in the morning and one in the evening, and we only run one style of session at a time

2️⃣ Pricing Model

We used to run SG & TT and we kept the payment plans separate. It was confusing, pricing was complex and people kept moving between plans. It was difficult, and not a predictable income. So we changed our model, you come in and you get access to EVERYTHING..£189 for the initial 6 weeks, and then £99 for 3 sessions a week and £117 for unlimited sessions

3️⃣ Business Model

Small group was always super popular, and we didn’t have the space for it to keep growing. So, during lockdown, we invested in more rigs. Now, our Strong programme is enough room for 12 people, it’s not Small Group PT anymore, but it does focus on heavy lifting. Plus, we still run our Team Training sessions too 😍

4️⃣ Equipment Cleaning 

Pre-lockdown we were big on cleaning, but the clients never saw it happen. Now, whenever the clients finish their sessions they wipe down the equipment they have used. This is the norm now. Covid forced it, but we’re going to keep it regardless!

5️⃣ Session Timing

Our sessions used to run back to back. There were 0 minutes between each session. Staff had no breaks, clients couldn’t chat. Lockdown happened and when we returned we needed time to clean and keep the numbers in the gym low. Now, there’s a 15-minute break between each session. This helps the clients to be more social, and it allows the trainers to decompress. 

So, these are 5 changes we made to our gym coming out of lockdown 

Plus, we’re going to keep them ALL moving forwards 

I hope this gives you an insight into what we did! 

David 🙂 



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