What Works When Creating A Marketing Plan

This week is all about business development and growth 💸

On Monday Josh shared his experiences with setting up multiple businesses❗

Tuesday we looked at the 6 steps to building an eco-system into your business

Today is what’s working for us so far ➡️

It’s something many of us forget, but actually is key to moving your business forward

Now if we look at a general business, take Apple for example, they don’t just decide to launch an iPhone and sell it the next day

They have a marketing plan – a strategy to take it form the concept to the design, to awareness and to the sales process 💸

And it is usually between 12 and 16 months long 🤓

So we need to do similar in our fitness businesses

You can’t just wake up and decide to start running ads for a programme you haven’t planned

You need to take control and properly plan everything 🖊

If Christmas is coming…you want to be planning this in September

Maybe summer is coming and you would like to take the clients on a trip – a beach trip or sports day

You don’t decide one week before – you plan this in April or May 😎

You want it to be properly planned and executed

So I need you to really consider having a marketing plan in place

Consider what themes are coming up

Christmas – black dress
January – new year, new me

Then think about:

How are you going to generate leads? online? offline?

How are you going to keep clients? events, upsells, downsells etc.

Staff…how are you going to keep motivated and wanting to stay with you?

Put this in place and you will have a much more stable and profitable fitness business

David 🙂

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