How To Use Hashtags Effectively On Instagram

In this training video, We cover how to effectively use hashtags on Instagram.

Firstly think of using hashtags as a fishing net of sort 🐟

The more hashtags we use the wider our net is But we might not actually want such a widespread audience in our net 🧐

As it might not bring in viewers who are relevant to our business/industry Using Instagrams search tool we can find out how many people are using each hashtag 🔍

We advise 3-5 popular, medium and niche hashtags for each post This ensures a good mix of eyes on your content and engagement in your posts 👀

*REMEMBER* Don’t solely use hashtags with millions of results You WILL get swamped by the rest of the community ❌

Use insights on your post to see which hashtags are working and which aren’t Mix and match your ideas for hashtags to find ones that work best for you 🙌

– Morgan 🙂

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