2 Things To Consider When Using Facebook Ads

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This week is all about business development and growth

On Monday Josh shared his experiences setting up multiple businesses 😎

On Tuesday, we shared 6 steps for building an eco-system into your fitness business ✅

Wednesday we talked all about marketing plans and how important they are 👍

And today I want to focus on one more way of doing things

And its all based on coco cola as a business 🤓

You see….you never actually see their adverts

But when they do decide to work in a new country

They polarise the area with ads 😝

They run a lot of ads, with a huge spend 💰

So if you’re just starting up

➡️ Step 1 – Polarise Your Audience ⬅️

If you move into a new location

Take control of that audience

Say you normally spend £10-£20 a day on ads

You want to go in hard, spend £50-£100 a day for the first 3-14 days 💸

This way, you blow all of the other competition out of the way

Spend more than them!

Get your ads at the front of everyone’s mind

Plus, you will have LOADS of leads

So if you’re good at chasing and selling 📞

This is perfect

➡️ Step 2 – Awareness Ads ⬅️

You never see sales adverts

You see them sponsoring sport ⚽️

You see the Christmas truck 🚛

But you never see ‘come and buy this’

You see, they’re running brand awareness ads

When you go into a shop, you recognise their bottle 🍾

And this is what you need to do for your fitness business

You don’t need to spend massively

You just need a small amount like £2-£5 a day on awareness ads

Once they keep noticing your business

Via blog posts, testimonials etc

When they’re finally ready to buy

They will come straight to you! 😎

David 🙂

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