An Overview On Business Development & Growth

Time To Read: 3 minutes

Today is the final day of the working week 📅

Here’s an overview of everything we have covered when it comes to business development and growth ⬇️

We’re going to start with Tuesday, it was all about really creating a business structure and understanding your numbers

Knowing your costs, what to charge, how many clients you need, outgoings, ingoings, creating your entry offer and long-term offer ❗️

Why? So you know how to optimise and what you need to improve

Then it’s onto telling the world about your offer

You can do this via paid advertising, free, organic, online, offline

As many ways as possible ✅

Then you need to chase the leads and make those sales

This is where you need to think about: How will you make that sale? How do you take payments, what happens after that?


The next step is continuing that business growth, and Josh went into a lot of detail on this subject on Monday

He talked all about how he has been so successful, now owning 3 different businesses 😎

And it all came from one simple thing

Getting people to buy in to be a business partner in the business

That way you can focus on what you’re good at

And the pressure is off you ❗️

Let them take control of the rest

So if you want to open multiple facilities – you could franchise, employ managers or go into business with someone else

You do what you’re good at, and they do what they’re good at!


Then we looked at what was working on Wednesday ✅

If you look at Apple, when they bring a new phone out, there’s a long process before it’s even sold

They need to tell the world about it, have pre-sales, have a launch sequence and a launch date

I know our businesses are smaller

But you shouldn’t be deciding your Christmas timetable in December ❌

You shouldn’t be planning your January sales at the end of December ❌

These things need to be planned in October

Planning ahead of time ensures your business continues to grow ✅


Finally, we talked all about awareness ads

For example…coco cola ads 😎

They pop up here, there and everywhere

And so when you go into the shop for a drink

They are at the forefront of your mind

When it comes to our businesses…we can even spend £1-2 a day

Just putting out fresh, good quality content means you will stay at the forefront of peoples minds

So when people are moving through the buyers journey…thinking they need to make a change

They will think of you instantly ✅


That’s everything we’ve covered this week,

David 🙂

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