6 Steps To Take Your Fitness Business From 0 – 10K

This week is all about business development and growth

On Monday, Josh came on from Evo explaining how he has done this in all 3 of his businesses ❗️

Today though I want to give you 6 steps we recommend to all Fitpros inside The Portal on the Fitness Eco-Business Course

These are 6 steps to take your business from 0 to 10k per month 😎

1️⃣ Know Your Numbers
There is no point in launching any sort of business without knowing this. It’s like taking a job without knowing how much your rent, food, bills will be.

How much are you charging? What are your costs? When do people need to be paid? How many clients do you need? What size will your sessions be?

You need to be figuring out how you will make money!

2️⃣ Create Your Offer
We usually start with a Front End Offer, an entry offer into your business. We need this time to convince them that you are the gym for them. You need an understanding of whats in your programme, whats included and how they will transition into your long-term programme

3️⃣ Lead Generation
Now you know your programme, you need to tell the world all about it! We want to find loads of different ways. We don’t just rely on one system. It could be Facebook organic, paid, blogs, emails, referrals, re-activation.

4️⃣ Chasing The Leads
Now people are showing interest, it’s all about chasing the leads and getting them booked in for the consultation or trial session. How many times are you calling them? How quickly do you reply? Is there a template all staff should be following? How often do we text?

5️⃣ Making That Sale
How do you make the sale? We have some experts inside The Portal and it is the most important part. Do you have an hour consultation? Do you just have a quick coffee? Is it a phone sale? A messenger sale?

Really figure out what works best for you and how you will take that payment 💸

6️⃣ Continued Business Development
Once you have your clients in, you can’t just stop! Maybe you can bring another staff member in, maybe you can launch another programme, another offer. We all want to keep moving forwards. Otherwise, the competition will catch you up! So, how can you keep developing and making sure you hit your goals and targets? More money, more time off, a bigger studio…we all want something!

So those were the 6 steps to taking your business from 0 to 10k a month ❗️

Go through each point, really understand what it takes to grow your fitness business

David 🙂

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