This week has been all about automations and systems

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On Monday, Joe McNee shared how he sets up onboarding systems for new clients coming in 

Tuesday, we shared 5 things you can do to automate your business and save you time ⏰

Wednesday, we looked at what’s working when it comes to not doing sales calls – letting the automation system do it for you 👀

Today, I’m sharing a foundational thing we should all be doing

But before we dive in…

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Let’s go: 

If there’s one thing you really need to have…its is an operations manual

This is a file you can hand over, to help your business operate smoothly

This can be done for generating leads, making sales, client care, onboarding new trainers 

You need to write it all down 

Something as simple as: Open the door, lights on, music on, set up equipment, welcome clients etc.

So, if you ever have to step away from the business, or someone new comes in and you dont have loads of time to train them

This operations manual will show them exactly how your business works 🙌

You see, we’re opening a new gym in Newport 

We’re updating all of our operations manuals so all of our staff know exactly everything they need to know 

Then, its over to us to manage them and make sure it’s running smoothly 😎

We also have some VA’s working for us 

We have written step by step exactly how everything should be done

I’m not training people over and over again

I’ve got this automated 💪

Not done this yet? Got some spare time coming up? Get productive and start creating your operations manual 

David 🙂 

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