Don’t Like Making Sales Calls? Then This Video Is For You!

On Monday Joe Shared his experience in setting up an onboarding system for new clients coming into your business βœ…

Then, yesterday, we looked at 5 things you can implement to make your life easier 

Today though, we’re talking about a strategy we use to help gym owners who don’t like doing sales calls 🀯

Depending on what your business is, your offer, your pricing, not every single fitness business needs a salesperson

What we do at DKnine is a bit different, we sell Β£189 for 6 weeks so we do it face-to-face

But if your pricing is low and you run a large Bootcamp

You can do it automatically 😎

We actually do this for an ad account 

We run ads offering a 14 day free trial at the bootcamp and the prospect gives their name, email & phone

On the TY page, we thank them for their interest and offer them the 14-day trial 

We also state that after the 14 days, it’s Β£67 a month πŸ€“

If they want to come and try us, simply click the link below

They also get exactly the same text message 

This is all automatic!! 

We do it this way for 2 reasons: 

1) We tell them the price straight away to rule out time wasters 

2) We are saving ourselves serious time away from ringing leads 3-5 times 

After they’ve booked their free session via Calendly, we want a confirmation email sent over – this is another automation we can set up in Zapier! 😎

We also want a reminder text, some info about the set-up, what to wear, what to bring etc. 

So, that is one strategy that’s working really well for large group Bootcamp set ups 

David πŸ™‚ 


Want to know more about any of this kind of setup?

Head over to the

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