Don’t Like Making Sales Calls? Then This Video Is For You!

Time To Read: 3 minutes

On Monday Joe Shared his experience in setting up an onboarding system for new clients coming into your business ✅

Then, yesterday, we looked at 5 things you can implement to make your life easier 

Today though, we’re talking about a strategy we use to help gym owners who don’t like doing sales calls 🤯

Depending on what your business is, your offer, your pricing, not every single fitness business needs a salesperson

What we do at DKnine is a bit different, we sell £189 for 6 weeks so we do it face-to-face

But if your pricing is low and you run a large Bootcamp

You can do it automatically 😎

We actually do this for an ad account 

We run ads offering a 14 day free trial at the bootcamp and the prospect gives their name, email & phone

On the TY page, we thank them for their interest and offer them the 14-day trial 

We also state that after the 14 days, it’s £67 a month 🤓

If they want to come and try us, simply click the link below

They also get exactly the same text message 

This is all automatic!! 

We do it this way for 2 reasons: 

1) We tell them the price straight away to rule out time wasters 

2) We are saving ourselves serious time away from ringing leads 3-5 times 

After they’ve booked their free session via Calendly, we want a confirmation email sent over – this is another automation we can set up in Zapier! 😎

We also want a reminder text, some info about the set-up, what to wear, what to bring etc. 

So, that is one strategy that’s working really well for large group Bootcamp set ups 

David 🙂 


Want to know more about any of this kind of setup?

Head over to the

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