This week is all about automations and systems

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On Monday, Joe shared how he sets up an onboarding process for new prospects, be sure to head over to YouTube if you missed it!

Today we’re covering 5 things you need to consider when it comes to setting up automations for your fitness business 

1️⃣ Zapier – This is the software that pulls information from one place and distributes it somewhere else. Zapier will connect you with your Facebook leadform (leadads) or your landing page (conversion ads) and allow you to distribute the lead data to lots of other places.

2️⃣ Google Drive – If you haven’t used this yet, you’re missing out! This is all based in the cloud. And it also connects into Zapier! You can send new clients a document, you can create a slideshow in there and share and edit it between your whole team. You can use sheets to track your numbers and leads. This is a great tool you can use to make your life easier.

3️⃣ ClickSend & TextMagic – These are great for sending text messages out to new leads. When a new lead comes in Zapier tells them to send an automated text that you have pre-written. It’s a great way to send confirmation to a lead that you have received their info and will be in touch.

4️⃣ Active Campaign/MailChimp/Aweber – A great way to send your emails. Get Zapier adding your new leads to your email marketing list and you can keep building a great pool of potential clients. Then you can send out emails and newsletters every week and every month.

5️⃣ Finally, before you set up an automation, its important to ask yourself…

“Is it going to save me time, or is it going to replace me?” 

Don’t replace yourself, you take away the personal aspect of your business. Sure – add leads details to a sheet, send automatic texts and emails…but YOU, need to reply once they respond. Keep this side manual! 

I hope this makes sense

David 🙂 

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