This One Page is Fundamental to Your Website!

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This One Page is Fundamental to Your Website!

This week has been all about getting you set up with your first website, to generate leads and turn them into quality prospects 💪🏻

On Monday I shared 5 steps to setting up your very own website

Tuesday we shared 5 pages you should have on your website, if you are looking to go further then just a 1-page website

Yesterday, I shared one thing every FitPro should have to make life easier and generate great quality leads

Today I’m going into a little more detail on 1 specific page of your website…

The ‘about’ page!

You need to be talking to your prospects, their wants, needs, desires, goals 🙌🏻

Talk specifically to them

So they know exactly this website is for them

This ‘about’ page needs to talk about why you set up your business, why you decided to help this type of person, the type of results you get

Convince them you are right for them!

Make sure everything you create is specifically designed with them in mind

From the copy, to the image, to the colours

If you just work with women 👩‍🦰

No pictures of men, no pictures of you with your shirt off

You need photos of your target audience

People someone can relate to!

David 🙂

P.S. How have you been getting on? Any training requests? Podcast requests? Let us know in the comments below

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