Don’t Make The Same Mistakes We Made 🤣

This week is all about how to get you set up online with a website generating you leads and/or converting leads into a high-quality prospect so you can sell instantly

We’ve chatted about getting set up, the right pages on your website and yesterday was a foundational tip

And that was to make sure your website is written and designed specifically for your target audience!

Today I’m going through some additional tips and best practices so you can avoid making the mistakes we have made in the past


When you are getting your domain name, be specific about the name you choose

The biggest mistake we look back on is naming DKnine Fitness

When someone googles DKnine Fitness, they spell it wrong…

They write DK9

And that doesn’t show up in google! 🤣

If the name you want is already taken, make sure you don’t start using dashes and additional icons to your domain name

It will get confusing!

Secondly, once you have your website built…go back and send every single link

There have been times when we have added optin boxes and not tested them

And we realised when people clicked the link…nothing was popping up 🤣

So go back and check all your links work!

Thirdly, if you can submit your website to as many search engines and business directories as possible

Because sometimes they promote a different link of yours at a higher level

We all want our website to be at the top of google

But if yellow pages is spending a lot of money on google ads

And they’re pushing pages higher than yours

Then when someone searches you, the YELL page may actually come higher than your website itself

But if we didn’t have YELL others may come up before us

So submit yourself to as many directories as possible

Finally, submit your website to Google My Business

They add you onto Google maps instantly!

You can even add your social posts onto it

Plus your google reviews and Facebook reviews

Have a great weekend everyone!

David 🙂

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