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Part of Willow’s job is to be the client care manager for all the FitPro Portal clients

She is the first person to welcome them into the team, sends out all of their welcome cards, sends out Christmas cards, Birthday cards and so much more. Plus she checks in with them to make sure they are getting everything they need from the programme

And when she checks in, she will either get one of 2 responses…

1: I need help with ‘ISSUES’… She then finds them the training or passes the request on to me to get a new set of training done


2: thanks to you guys the opening and signing up of members couldn’t have gone any better!

This comment is from one of the members who joined The FitPro Portal in order to open his gym 💪

Amazing Right 🙌

He started in the 3 level Facebook Ads course

Then checked out the part of chasing down the leads

And finally, completed the very special sales training we had with specialist Stuart Mackenzie

From there, there is access to all the social media needed for the month

And of course, the members support group, where Willow, myself and the rest of the team are to answer all of your questions 🙌

Sound like what you need?

Then come and check out The FitPro Portal here ⬇️

David 🙂

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