This is Generating us Quality Leads for FREE

This is Generating us Quality Leads for FREE

This week is all about getting your website sorted to generate you leads and create a good quality of lead coming into your consultation ready to buy

Monday, we started with a live training I did inside the FREE Facebook Group

Not part of the group? Jump onto Facebook and search ‘FitPro Lead Gen with Dave!’ 😎

And join over 1800 FitPros!

Yesterday, we shared 5 pages every website needs

But today I’m sharing what’s working for us right now!

We’ve given you great things that work for your website already

But if you don’t want to create a website

There’s one thing that you REALLY need to do

I would 100% get an application form page sorted 🙌🏻

You see, when we run ads, everywhere we post from social media, emails…we always send people to an application form page

Why? We want these people to tell us a bit about themselves

Plus, if they fill it in – we know they’re serious

We don’t want to waste hours on people before we know they’re probably interested

So, I recommend you sort that out right now! ✅

It doesn’t have to be complicated

A nice intro
10 questions max
End it with some success stories

Plus, make sure it’s a nice looking link…

For example:

That is what’s working for us right now

And generating us quality leads for FREE

David 🙂


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