They don’t up for the consultation 🤬

This time of the year the turn-up rate for consultations or booked calls massively reduces

Simply because there is so much going on

But then at the same time, if they don’t turn up, it may be your fault 🤷‍♂️

You see you have done the hard work by getting them to leave their details from the advert

You have also been able to get them on the phone and booked them in 🙌

The reason they didn’t RESPECT the booking you have made with them or let you know that they were unable to make it, was down to you

You, not giving them enough value or building enough trust that they had to fulfill the appointment they made

🤷‍♂️ Maybe you rushed the call

🤷‍♂️ Maybe you cut them short and didn’t show enough empathy when they were talking

Whatever the reason, they didn’t RESPECT the call enough to again fulfill the appointment you had made for them

Now for me, I have a script I use when I call up leads

It’s one I have used for years

Whereas Holly literally has a chat with them about whatever they want and then books them in

When we do this well

They either show up or let us know that they won’t be making it

When we rush things and try and end it quickly, they don’t

The moral of the story is simple… You actually have to give a shit lol

I will leave you with this

It’s the one thing we both do at the end of every single call

One question that is a MUST DO…


Okay here goes…

🗣 If you cannot make it for any reason, can you please PROMISE me that you will let us know ASAP and we can reschedule as I will be traveling in to make the appointment with you 🗣

No-one likes breaking promises right 😉

David 🙂

Ps… Did you know we have a deal on currently inside The FitPro Portal 🤓

Here are full details for you:

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