Leads for online coaches 🖥

Coaching online isn’t for the faint-hearted

It is actually way harder than it is coaching offline

Especially when it comes to generating leads and making sales

Offline, all you have to do is get them into your gym

Whereas online you have to give massive value and trust for them to believe you enough to buy

That’s why I send out a daily email full of content, I need you to trust me 😁


The FitPro Portal is more designed for offline coaches when it comes to generating leads

Yet I would say a good 30% of all the members actually work online

The Portal isn’t here to help you grow your business

I leave that to people like Justin Devonshire or Jean-Claud from the IFBA

The FitPro Portal is here to simply show you how to generate leads 🙌

So I was on a call with a newish online trainer earlier who had joined

She wanted to know ways of getting started with Facebook Ads for her online business

And if possible not having to phone them

*** BEFORE I GO ANY FURTHER… the struggle my clients have, are struggles you will have. The exact same in your fitness business! If you don’t know what to write about, simply have a chat about what they need help with ****

So as she didn’t want to do phone calls, I came up with 2 simple strategies for her to use

The first is a lead gen strategy, where she will run messenger ads to get people to message the page and she can follow up and start the conversations that way

We also talked about how she could create a flow in ManyChat and then run a messenger ad with a keyword to trigger the ManyChat flow to help prepare the lead for her to start the conversation or even make the sale for her

The second, which is exactly the formula I am using if you are reading this via email…

Create a simple Ebook, for example: 10 Recipes All Mums Need To Know At Christmas

And run this either as a LeadAd or to a landing page as a free giveaway

Then have a email sequence in place that starts build trust and delivers value before going in for the kill and asking for that sale

In fact we have a Facebook Ads Management client who has made 10 sales this month already by emailing prospects who downloaded his meal plan

And those are 2 ways of using Facebook Ads if you are an online coach 🙌

David 🙂

Ps… Want Facebook Ads copy for meal plan giveaways❓

Copy for generating leads into your new 6th of January programme❓

Copy for end of your offers❓

We have it all waiting for you inside The FitProPortal 🙌


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