EP#7 – Finding, Acquiring & Setting Up A Facility With Steve Dennis

EP#7 – Finding, Acquiring & Setting Up A Facility With Steve Dennis

Welcome to Episode 7 of the FitPro Lead Gen Show with me David Kyle ๐Ÿ™‚

In today’s episode, we move away from making sales and chasing leads and focus 100% on finding, acquiring & setting up a facility.

Before we jump into the call with Steve, where he goes into great details about getting your first facility off the group, I wanted to give you a quick intro into how we found the unit for DKnine Fitness here in Cardiff and how it was just a bit go luck we came across it having spent years looking while we were in Southampton.

Steve then comes on and gives us an insight into how he first went about getting his first unit in Basingstoke and the struggles that came with that, including how he over purchase on equipment and overcoming staffing issues.

He then moves on to tell us about how is going about opening up his next facility, in a place where he has no current client base or presence, making sure that he doesnโ€™t come across the same issues as last time.

Steve also gives up a lot of insight into finding, acquiring & setting up your first facility, meaning this is a great show for anyone looking into opening up their first facility.

Weekly Challengeโ€ฆ

This weeks challenge is all about getting you ready for your first facility and making sure you have planned everything beforehand to make sure the move is as smooth as possible

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