Stop wasting your money 💵

I have been on a few calls today with potential new Facebook Ads Management clients

And there are questions that get asked all the time

The main one being how much do I need to spend on Ads❓❓

So here is a super quick guide to not wasting your money when it comes to Facebook Ads

For most of the clients we work with, I tell them that they won’t need to spend much more than £10 per day on Ads

The cost per lead in the UK is around £3.50-£4.00

In the US it’s around the $5-$6

And Australia closer to the $7-$8 per lead

So if they spend £10 a day here in the UK, that should deliver them a minimum of 2-3 leads a day 🙌

Obviously, if the cost per lead is less, then you will get more leads

So the next time someone tells you that you need to be spending £20, £30, or even £60 a day on leads

Think about your cost per lead

As £60 a day at £4 per lead is 15 leads in one day

Even my team would struggle to keep up with that many leads each day

It is always better to have fewer leads that you can chase and make the most of 👊

The next big number to keep in mind is the cost per sales

This is the amount of money you have spent on Ads to make 1 sale

The UK average is around £30-£40 per sale

So if you spend £10 a day in the UK, that’s £70 a week

That should be 2-3 new SALES each week 🔥

Again, if you are super hot at chasing these leads and good at making sales the cost per sale will come down

Let’s go back to that person who told you to spend £50 a day on ads

That would be a sale a day, AMAZING right ❓

Wrong… that £50 gives you 12 new leads a day that you have to phone and text and book in for a consultation

You would then be doing say 3-4 consultations a day

While also running sessions, managing current clients, running your business and everything else that goes on in your life 😰

Never going to happen right❓

Don’t be that person

Be smart, know your cost per lead and cost per sale

And grow at a decent pace 🙌

Remember £70 a week should bring in 2-3 sales 😉

David 🙂

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