The One Foundational Step You Need To Smash Your Goals

This week has been all about creating really big goals and making sure we smash them   

On Monday Ben explained how he has done this within his businesses and generally within life ✅

Tuesday I covered 5 things we need to be doing to strive for our goals   

And yesterday I shared what’s working for us when it comes to progressing and hitting our goals 🔥

Today, I’m chatting about one foundational thing you need to be doing when you set yourself some big goals   

You see…

When we set these big goals, things we dream of, opening a studio, reaching a milestone, getting your income to a certain level 

There are things we must consider

Creating & setting goals for yourself is the key to success and growth 

But they have to be realistic ➡️

If it’s way beyond and you never get there, you will feel demotivated 😣

So when you set your goals, consider whether this has been done before?

People are opening studios, we opened one in a city with no reputation 

If others have done it, so can you! 😁

‘I want to get 300 members’ 

Have others? Yes. So what do you need to do to achieve the same?

‘I want to get my fitness business to 10k a month’

Has this been achieved previously? Yes. What does it take to get there?

We need to set goals that motivate us and allow us to grow and conquer our goals, but we need them to be realistic 💪

So have a look what others are doing, if it’s achievable by them, you can do it too! 😎

David 🙂 

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