An Overview Of Creating Big Goals & Hitting Them

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It’s Friday and we’re giving an overview of everything we have covered 💪

This week has been ALL about striving for massive goals 

But before we get started ⬇️

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Now for an overview of our week on setting goals! 

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The best place to start is with our Guest Interview on Monday 

Ben set the scene ✅

He talked all about setting really big goals for himself in his business 

Ben talked all about how the last 18 months everything fell out of place 😣

Motivation dwindled, things paused and he stopped moving forwards 

So if this sounds like something you have experienced, head back and check out this interview 😁

Ben talks all about how to re-focus and re-energize 


Then on Tuesday, we looked at things you should consider when it comes to setting these big goals 

1️⃣ Have the love, the desire, the enthusiasm to make this happen 

  • I REALLY wanted my own studio. In fact, it took me moving across the country to find a studio to make it happen. That was my passion, desire & belief! 

2️⃣Review points 

  • This is a great way to make sure you’re still on track to achieve your goals along the way

3️⃣ Time for yourself

  • Stop thinking about work ALL the time. Relax and recover and in the end you will actually be more energised when you get back to it

4️⃣Reward yourself!! 

  • Hit smaller targets along the way. If you want 300 members, reward yourself every 100 that you sign up💪


Lastly, make sure you are setting realistic goals 

Put the foundations in place and consider if it’s achievable. Have others done it? Yes. Figure out how they did it. Research!! 🤓

The best possible thing you can do is set big goals for yourself but it really really needs to be achievable 

Nothing worse than setting a goal that’s out of your reach and being left disappointed and unmotivated 

I hope this helps! 

Perhaps this is the weekend you set yourself some BIG goals? 🤗

David 🙂 

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