What’s Working For Us When Making Goals

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This week is all about setting massive goals for yourself and then making sure you strive for them ✅

On Monday, Ben talked all about the awesome goals that he consistently sets himself and his businesses

Yesterday, I shared 5 things you need to do to make sure you hit your targets

Today though, we’re looking at something that works for us when it comes to goal-setting 🤗

I’m sharing our experience when it comes to finding our second facility

This is probably something a lot of you are considering or will consider in the future

Finding that unit 😆

You see…

We were working outside of someone elses gym

And one day we decided we would set ourselves 1 year to find out own facility

We hunted for our own facility for a long time

We looked, researched, got rejected

And then we drifted 😣

We got close to 2 years and still hadn’t found out the facility

We weren’t committed enough!

Then one day someone posted a unit available in Cardiff

It was 2 hours away from everything we knew

So, my dream, passion, the overriding goal was to find my own unit

But it was 2 hours away

And I decided to take this risk 😃

It meant I had to start from scratch

And this is when its KEY that you have the desire to make it work 🤓

I needed that passion to give me the confidence to move everything

Here we are in Cardiff with 2 full-time coaches, a gym manager and almost 150 clients

Now we’re looking at Newport, about 20 mins down the road

Again, we set ourselves a goal of about 1 year

We looked, couldn’t find much and things fizzled out…


We outsourced and someone was able to find us our unit

So, we have our unit and we’re ready and waiting to get started in January


This gym does NOT have parking, it’s in the city centre ❌

Luckily, we’re motivated, passionate…and we will make it work

We’re laying the foundations and looking forward to a successful launch

Make sure you’re happy to step out of your comfort zone

Be patient and stay consistent 💪

Success will come

David 🙂

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