The FREE Ebook Strategy…

It’s another day of uncertainty 

And until the UK government tell us to stop at DKnine Fitness, we keep going 💪

Earlier this morning I posted in the FREE FitPro Lead Gen with Dave group:

🗣 Who wants this Smoothies Ebook template to download and re-brand as you own??

15 “Send Me A Copy” in the comments and it’s yours  

Ps.. this is one of many ebooks we added into The FitPro Portal yesterday 🙌 🗣

4 hours later and we are up to 54 comments

Now the reason I have done it this way instead of just giving it away is simple

I wanted to boost the engagement in the group

People commenting on the post today will boost the chances of them seeing more posts from the group over the next couple of days

Such a simple strategy right 🙌

Now the reason we gave it out to the Portal members yesterday along with another 5 guides is simple

It is part of the Lead Gen strategy we have come up with to keep generating leads

Lead for now, and leads for when the crisis is over

Back to the Ebook Strategy… 

So here is what you do:

1️⃣ Create an ebook that prospect will want to download

2️⃣ Then write a post on your timeline telling people you have created it and to grab a copy by simply comments below (This will boost your future engagements on your posts)

3️⃣ Now run ads to your audience to download the ebook, this will give you their email address

With the TY page telling them you have sent them it via email and to now come and join your free group

This, in turn, gives you a load of eyes on your content, a lot of email addresses and big pool leads to work with now and in future

Want this free smoothie ebook template I have created, then come and join us inside my FREE FitPro Lead Gen with Dave group:

Tomorrow, I come with a FREE Facebook Group Strategy 

David 🙂

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