How to run your ads over the next few weeks/months…

First of all, apologies for not posting much over the last few days

Thing are changing from day to day with the outbreak

And each day, we are having to shift how and what we are doing for our ads clients and to keep the gym going

After yesterdays talk by the British Prime Minister, things really have started to change on the marketing front

Specifically with running Ads

Now before you suddenly just turn them off, you need to change your strategy

After all, everyone else is going to turn then off

Meaning the cost per lead will go down 🙌

So here is the post I posted inside The FitPro Portal this morning:


Facebook Ads Further Updates & What To Do (17/March)…

Now is the time we take a different approach

I would turn off your Lead Gen Ads today, as we want it to come across in your area that you are following the guidelines.

Then if you can today, create a FREE Facebook community group set up. Call it something along the lines of: [AREA NAME] health & fitness

Then run ads for locals in your area to come and join the group. In here you will need to post 2-3 times a day with general posts, and hinting that you have a new online programme coming

Run 2-3 testimonial videos ads, with a “ We are currently not taking any new clients on, but leave your details for when we open again”.

Run a FREE Ebook next, this is to start building a big email list.

With point 2 & 3, you will then have a big pool of leads to work with once we get back to normal

Next, start working on your online programme…

I am currently updating the membership training inside The FitPro Portal, this will be ready for you today.

Simply follow the course and you will have an online membership site and course build in around 2 days

Once built, you can then start getting to work keeping current clients happy and picking up new local online clients in your area

Any questions just let me know



I hope the above helps…

We have also put a Cover-19 Survival Offer together for you


In-Depth Step By Step Course To Building An Online Service In 2 Days! – Including all the dowloads and planning you need. We usually sell this course for £188

Beginner Guide & Advanced Guide To Running Ads – Perfect for those who have never ran ads before & those who have plenty of ads experience

Done For You Facebook Ads Copy – That we use for our Facebook Ads clients and has been tried and tested and won’t shut your account down

Downloads & Templates – From landing & thank you pages, to email, text & sales scripts. We have everything you need

Plus… Much, much, more including, 24/7 Access To Myself & My Team Inside The Members Support Group & Daily Updates on What We Are Doing At DKnine Fitness To Keep Clients

Full details can be found here:

David 🙂

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