The FREE Community Group Strategy…

The FREE Community Group Strategy…


Welcome to the first FitPro daily since we were told to close down the gym ?

Yesterday (Friday) the Prime Minister ordered all gyms, leisure centres, pubs, bars, cafes and restaurants to close

And I completely get it… 

The aim is to complete slow down the spread of the virus by socially isolating and reducing the amount of contact we have with each other

Therefore if you are still planning on getting people in to deliver sessions or staying open somehow, please don’t and let’s get this situation under control and get back to normal as fast as possible ?

Today, the first day of not doing sessions at DKnine Fitness

I jumped in the member’s group and set them a challenge

To get 200 press ups done ?

I went LIVE every half hour to do 20 and they all joined in, posting videos of them doing it and of the kids joining it too

And then they got a bit more adventurous with stormtrooper helmets and then glasses of wine and beer started appearing on screen at the same time ?

That’s how we have been keeping the clients entertained today!

Not only have I been doing that today, but I have also been busy giving the “Build Your Own Membership Site Course” inside The FitPro Portal a MASSIVE overhaul 

So if you are not sure how to get started and deliver your content online, we have you covered in the FitPro Portal

Anyway, yesterday we talked about the FREE Ebook Strategy that would generate you a good number of leads that you can work with

Today I wanted to cover the FREE Community Group Strategy

The aim is simple, we want to fill the group on Facebook with local prospects who you can start delivering content and value too

Take my free Facebook Group for example: FitPro Lead Generation with Dave!

In here I post the Daily FitPro, share trainings, ask questions, answer questions, and provide as much value as possible

That builds the ever important KLT

And more or less everyone that joined, started by downloading the FREE Ebook, that then pushed them towards this FREE group ?

You then use this group like an incubator, where we keep the prospects warm until they are ready to reach out and want to work with you

I explain it a lot better on the Daily Video, if you wanted to watch what I am talking about

To finish today, I want to invite you to come and join my FREE Group on Facebook:

Come and join us where we share tips and trainings that are going to help you keep generating leads for your fitness business

David 🙂

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