The 5 Day -> 10k challenge

We have 53 FitPros ready to get started on next weeks 5 Day Lead Gen Challenge 🙌

The aim of the challenge is simple

Lay the foundation to a 10k a month fitness business ASAP, once we get to re-open

Each day, I will be putting together a LIVE 1 hour training to cover each of the 5 steps

Then you will have the chance to ask questions, use the downloads and start implementing the steps

Ready to take the 5 Day -> 10k challenge?

Then check link:

So the FREE 5 Day Lead Gen ‘Eco-System’ Challenge…

With the gyms just a matter of weeks from opening, we have decided to put together a FREE 5 Day Challenge to get you ready for the big re-open and give you the road map to hitting 10k a month ASAP

On this 5 Day FREE Challenge, we are going to be looking at…

Day 1: Creating Your Entry Offer & Understanding Your Target Audience

Day 2: Mastering Paid Advertising

Day 3: Utilising Organic Advertising

Day 4: Mastering Chasing Leads

Day 5: Going From Prospect to Client with Sales

The 5 Days are going to be a little intense, with all training being LIVE and downloads included to help digest and create your road map

We start Monday with one SIMPLE aim… Getting you to 10k a month ASAP once we get to re-open 🙌

Join The Challenge by clicking link:

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